Why did we design JOYE ?

We believe that looking good can do good

We believe that fashion has the power to make this world a happier place. We started JOYE to make stylish products that add happiness to life. With every JOYE bracelet you buy, you make a person in need smile with your donation. Whenever you wear a JOYE bracelet, you will smile yourself. It is scientifically proven, that by smiling you increase your de facto-happiness.1) Happiness makes you beautiful. JOYE is not a product, it is an idea: we have the power to make this world a happier place. If you believe that you can make people smile, then you are JOYE. 

Trust: We make it fully transparent where your charity support goes 

Trust in where the contributions go is essential. We have taken a long time to carefully select leading charity partners whom we can trust. We have also picked projects where we can track the use of the donations. Read the details in the section about our projects. We are a registered company. Our accounts get audited every year. Our team has been working for over a decade in the fashion industry. 
You can contact us at: info@zdragon.hk


1) Dr. Robert Zajonc / Kleinke, Peterson, and Rutledge (1998)