Bracelet leather black (incl Smile charm plus one Charity Charm) - not available online, sorry !


Size S = 18,5 cm (fits most women and fits men with small wrists)
Size M / L = 20,3 cm (fits most men)
We suggest you measure your wrist size with a self printed ruler from this web page:
Keep in mind that you may want to wear the bracelet lose, so add some space to your wrist size.

The Charity Charm of your JOYE

Included with the JOY bracelet is already one of the Charity Charms. You chose if you like your JOYE to come with the Charm of the

HEART = Family projects
OWL = Education projects  
TREE = Healthcare projects
TRUST = Fast disaster relief

You can see the different versions in the pictures under the bracelet. You can see more pictures of the charms as well in the shop section for additional charms. The charity project behind each symbol you can find on our page "Charity Projects". 


The Smile Charm of your JOYE

 Smile charm (front) 

Each time you look at the SMILE charm, give a smile to the world.

Why does it work?

The color of this charm represents the orange color of a powerful sunrise. It is designed to relax you and bring a smile to your face.

It is scientifically proven that while smiling we create happiness through the muscular activity of our smiling.
Study at DePauw Univ.; Study of Dr. Robert Zajonc, Kleinke, Peterson, Rutledge (1998)

Smile charm (back) “Here & Now”

HERE & NOW reminds you of the hidden wonders of life in each present moment.

Why does it work?

The “HERE” symbol has the power to draw your attention to your surrounding. It reminds you that you have an appointment with the wonder of life just right here. The “NOW” symbol has the power to focus your attention. It reminds you that you can only smile in the present moment.

To stop our minds from wandering and to focus on the “here and now” is proven to make us happy.
Study by Killingsworth, M.A., & Gilbert, D.T. (2010).

Follow these tips to keep your JOYE looking great:

  • The wristband is made from real lamb leather. It ages over time to give it a natural look
  • Remove prior to swimming or bathing
  • Wash with warm water and mild soap, rinse and pat dry
  • To extend the lifetime of the band, you can use leather care products
  • Avoid applying cosmetic beauty products on the band
  • The charms are made from high grade quality stainless steel (318) and are therefore very durable

    Type: Bracelet

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